Upfield Train Line Community Seeks Fair Living Conditions Post LXRA Level Crossing Removal

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Please sign and help support the hundreds of Upfield Train Line Community residents whose living conditions are under threat due to the construction of the 2019 Level Crossing Removal Project in Melbourne, VIC.

Your signature will help ensure that the Daniel Andrews Government, Tim Read from The Greens alongside Moreland City Council will take adequate measures with community consultation, to protect residents’ privacy and their homes from excessive noise pollution as a result of the project. 

We also implore the State Government to ensure that heritage listed infrastructure including Moreland and Coburg Train Stations are not removed or destroyed, and that all proposed amenities including community green spaces and bike paths are built and maintained. 

"No community consultation has occurred in 2019 as promised by the LXRA and we fear that important decisions are being made with no safeguards in place to protect the community who will be impacted the most" - The Upfield Train Line Community. 

Significant privacy issues, increased levels of noise pollution and cheaply planned infrastructure can now be seen on the Cranbourne, Pakenham and Frankston train lines post their Level Crossing Removal Projects.

Unfortunately, these developments had no community consultation or safeguards in place to protect the community and as a result living conditions for residents have been severely impacted.

The Upfield Train Line Community seeks URGENT State and Local Government commitment to enforce the following:

  • The promised 2019 LXRA Community Consultation Meeting with members of State and Local Government, including Moreland City Council. 
  • LXRA to build Noise and Privacy Barriers across the stretch of the new train line to protect local resident’s privacy and their homes from further levels of noise pollution.
  • Ongoing annual maintenance contracts fulfilled with urban landscapers and outdoor contractors (cleaners and waste management) to maintain the new train line surroundings and service the community green spaces and amenities.
  • Quarterly 'community review' meetings scheduled with Moreland City Council, Metro Trains, local government and contractors where community feedback can be given and solutions proposed for any issues.
  • Existing heritage listed buildings at all stations, (Moreland and Coburg) to be preserved and maintained in original positions, during and post construction.

We are seeking fair ongoing living conditions during construction and upon completion of the Level Crossing Removal Project on the Upfield Train Line. 

Thank you for your time in helping ensure we hold our Government, urban developers and local councils accountable for all new construction, both now and in the future. 

Yours sincerely,
The Upfield Train Line Community