Stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of dairy calves in slaughterhouses

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The situation at Riverside Meats, Echuca, is terribly, terribly cruel and irrational. Baby calves, sheep and other animals are being treated inhumanely and terribly. They are not only stabbed, but burned, electrocuted and paralysed. Many of them suffer a knife to their throat while still conscious. Over 1000 videos have been sent to authorities cataloguing the abuse, but one pig suffered worst of all. She was still conscious after being struck four times with a captive bolt gun. She thrashed and moaned, while being laughed at and sworn at. Then she was shot. Twice. Her agonising ordeal lasting over six minutes.
The inescapable reality is that whenever animals are killed en masse, there will be fear and suffering. But tragically, this is the 'best-case scenario'. New visions are revealing a litany of daily horrors for the unwanted dairy calves, pigs, cows, sheep and goats sent to on of Victoria's major slaughterhouses. Equipment designed to reduce suffering is instead being used as a weapon of torture. Frightened animals are violently and repeatedly stabbed in the neck with the prongs of an an electrified stunner. This is not only painful, but ineffective and can leave animals still conscious and sensible to pain as their throats are cut.
Incredibly, this is the second time this slaughterhouse has been investigated for cruelty. If such routine and entrenched abuse is happening in a facility that should be under increased scrutiny, why have no changes been made?

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