Plastic Free Zones in the Western Suburbs!

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Please Vote! Every Yes means making Melbourne and Victoria a better place!

If you could see all the waste you produce, would it change the way you consume?

Australians produce a giant load of waste. According to Clean Up Australia, "The amount of waste that hits landfill in Australia every year is enough to cover our entire state of Victoria!" In a year! ONE YEAR! That is messed up.

"The average Australian produces 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year. Much of this household waste can be avoidable! Like plastic packaging and food waste. Still, we let more than $8 billion worth of edible food hit the bin each year."

As a Victorian, I know we treasure our beautiful bays, beaches and other locations, but more and more plastic pollution chokes the waterways, clogging our marine and land ecosystems. It kills over a million penguins, turtles, fish and other land animals each year. Plastic never goes away, it just breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces.

WHY? – Plastic chokes, it ruins the oceans and litters the land, and everything that lives in and on them, eventually biting us.

HOW? – We need to stop the flow of plastic, I suggest markets, shopping centres and other food retailers should open up large zones in their stores (or new stores) that sell plastic-free food products and items where customers bring their own glass containers/jugs or plastic Tupperware to use as transport, lessening the consumption of multiple types of plastics.

WHEN? – Now!!!

We are rapidly destroying our beautiful country and it's surrounding oceans every single second of every day! You can't keep making up excuses, "Oh, if others don't do it why should I?" Be an example, it takes one person to change the world.

The good news is that even a small contribution goes a long way in waste reduction and recycling. Regardless of whether your space is big or small when it comes to recycling you only really need one thing: good intentions.

Please vote if you would like to see shopping centres and other places in the Western Suburbs / Melbourne create plastic free zones, which would sell (Organic vegetables and fruits from our surrounding farmers (Who need our help!), nuts, lettuce, cheeses, loaves of bread, biscuits, different kinds of pasta and plenty of other products!)

A plastic free world is a better one for you and for me! 
(These statistics will be used as evidence.)