HiVis Vest Inforcement for Victoria Motorcyclists

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Demerit points to be introduced for motorcycle riders not wearing high-vis vests under potential changes later this year.  Source:-

Once again motorcyclists are being targeted by the government. This has to stop.

Divers need to be aware of their surroundings and not be just focused on the road ahead. Driver education is what is needed here not more penalties.

All motorbikes have their lights on at all times. Some even have loud pipes which alerts cars to their presence.

On top of paying full Rego and Insurance for another vehicle, riders will now have to fork out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for new gear that is simply not needed.

Also as voters this was not put to us at the election so why should this be allowed without our consent. 

Lets put a stop to this madness and send the government a message. We do not condone this nor do we feel as a motorcycling community this is acceptable.