Allow Recreational Activities in our own Municipalities

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Currently, offroad motorcycle riding, Camping, Fishing and Hunting on public land are all banned as its not classed as exercise or essential. All of these activities can be very healthy both physically and mentally for people. Mountain biking and bush walking are permitted within a reasonable distance from home, they hold most of the practices of motorcycle riding, camping, fishing and hunting but it hasnt been considered to be "non-essential"

Riding solo or with a friend or camping is a great reliever of stress and can help with what we are currently going through with the COVID-19 restrictions.

There is zero difference to walking in the bush for exercise and walking in the bush with a rifle by a law abiding firearms owner to hunt and gather food. 

Most of these recreational activity locations are secluded and have a much lesser risk of coming across other persons. Keep larger camp grounds with amenities close, but reopen our state forests to allow people to access individual camp grounds. 

There is however; a large difference between all of the above mentioned activities, and going to the supermarket or Bunnings, which are in every aspect going against all COVID19 safety measures.  Huge difference between these activities and the impending return of the AFL and NRL. 

Allowing people to conduct these recreational activities within our own municipalities will not add any unwanted populous to common areas, and will not affect people any further than what our current restrictions allow. 

People who are travelling to and from an area for exercise whether it be walking or riding are having to visit shops to obtain supplements or equipment to use when they are exercising which is more than what is required to go for a ride legally in state forest for an hour or so. It is the same as swinging by the local supermarket to stock up the caravan for a few days in the local bush or river. 

We request that these bans be lifted on recreational activities in our own municipalities due to the personal benefits that are gained by individuals and families.