Animals are NOT OURS to wear

Animals are NOT OURS to wear

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Cruelty can be found in every inch of a Canada Goose jacket. Most probably are oblivious of all the pain and suffering that goes into the creation of these winter jackets. Although I notice the argument to use fur and down, I do not share that perspective. I am writing this to expose Canada Goose and everything they stand for. Canada Goose has been manipulating all of you that real and natural fur is good and actually improves their product in fashion, and in use. First of all there is absolutely nothing fashionable about wearing a jacket that carries fur, and down that was obtained brutally. Wearing Canada Goose jackets carries a symbol of brutality, disrespect and murder towards animals.


What is this so called brutality you ask?


Every piece of fur comes from an animal that did not want to die. Traps used to catch wild coyotes crush the animal’s necks or snap shut on their legs, often cutting to the bone. Some mother coyotes have even attempted to chew off their own leg above the trap to escape back to their pups. For what you ask? Coyote fur is used to trim Canada Goose’s jackets (just the hood), that’s all. Traps used include steel leg clamps, head-crushing traps, body-gripping traps and neck snares. If this is not bad enough, traps can be left for up to 5 days before being checked. In that long a period of time animals can:

·      Suffer from blood loss

·      Suffer from extreme exposure

·      Exposure to predators

·      Die of hunger/thirst

·      Infection

If straight exposure alone does not kill the coyotes, when the trapper returns they are straggled, stomped on, or bludgeoned to death. Those are just of a few extremes coyotes are forced to face. Coyotes are not the only ones who suffer.  Ducks and geese used for down are grabbed by their necks and thrown into crates along with hundreds of others to endure a hellish journey, through whatever weather to a slaughterhouse. At the slaughter house, birds whose feathers are packed into Canada Goose jackets must have been improperly stunned, which means they are still conscious when their throats are cut and they are dumped into scolding hot water to be defeathered.


There are many alternatives to using real fur. Hundreds of major designers and retailers have banned using real fur including:

·      H&M

·      Tommy Hilfiger

·      Ralph Lauren

·      Calvin Klein

Instead of using real fur they use a synthetic based material. For example instead of using real down you could use a synthetic microfiber insulator, and there are some benefits in addition to saving animals. Real down performs poorly if wet and it has a slow drying rate, whereas synthetic retains 96% of its insulating ability when wet.


What Can You Do?


Sign this petition and join the protest to stand up to Canada Goose. Let Canada Goose know you will not be purchasing any coats so long as they continue to use real fur and down brutally.


Spread The Word And Together Lets Stand Up To Canada Goose!

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!