Refund parents for competitions that never happened!

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Parents in the dance world have spent a lot of money for competitions and costumes, that because of the pandemic never happened. It is not right that the competition owners are refusing full refunds. You shouldn’t have to pay for something you never received. Most fees were due in the fall of 2019 for the 2020 season. A lot of dancers are not going to return to dance next year for many different reasons, so giving a credit for next years season means nothing.  When contacting the competition owners, we are told to contact your studio. When we pay our fees and our studio pays entrance fees in good faith, we expect to be treated in the same manor. Holding onto money for events that never occurred is wrong. This is a time when due to covid 19, many people are out of work and need the money for getting by. All competitions should be giving refunds to the parents. Keep a small portion for “administrative” purposes but refund the parents. Right now this situation and the lack of information being given does not show good faith or business sense. If you want studios and dancers to return to your event then we need refunds. Otherwise, you will see less parents and dancers willing to return.  The hope with this petition is to create awareness and see change happening to the way the dance world is run, and to encourage people to do what is right and fair. 
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