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JDF vs CM Punk in the UFC

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As fans of WWE may know former superstar CM Punk is making a foray into the sport of MMA, specifically the UFC. Speculating on an inaugural opponent for the untested fighter one immediately springs to mind, Jason David Frank (JDF). For those of you that may not know him allow me to inform you. JDF is a martial artist, MMA fighter, and previously a Power Ranger. His record is 4-0 ( 2 KO, 2 submission) as an amateur and 1-0 (1 submission) as a pro, thus making him a perfect opponent for the fledgling UFC star. Both fighters have a built in fan base, most of which are clamoring for this fight. On top of this the two have developed a rivalry that easily sells the fight. JDF has been calling Punk out since 2013. He believes that it would be a good fight and something the fans of both would enjoy. Punk has done conventions with JDF and has even posed with the him for pictures. You can even find pictures online of Punk posing with a Power Morpher ( from Power Rangers FYI). Yet until a recent rant at C2E2 in Chicago he has feigned knowledge of JDF. Going so far as to say he was unaware of him to TMZ. The rivalry picks up real heat due to Punks rant at C2E2 where he called JDF a stalker and said he should "shut the f*#$ up". That by now having to talk about him gave him " 6 months more of relevance". He even stated that once seeing JDF at a convention that he (JDF) tried to engage him in conversation saying that talk of them fighting brought in a lot of "hits & likes" on social media. JDF shruged most of the trash talk off but was angry that Punk wasn't man enough to do it to his face. Frank released a complication video of Punk and at the end his response to Punk's acknowledgement of him. JDF said " this is the fight world dude" being called out should be expected, and that he was doing so before Punk ever signed with UFC. His goal in this was not attention on social media. He felt a fight between them would be a good match up. Frank also responded to Punk's claim that "he just wants some of that CM Punk money" by saying it wasn't about the money for him, he would fight for free. As a fan of JDF, Punk , and the UFC we felt it was time to bring this to the people. This is ripe with potential and there is lies the opportunity for the UFC.  People who dont follow UFC but are fans of the respective fighters would be on board for this. JDF vs CM Punk plus a good fight card could bring in new fans. Dana White and the UFC have nothing to lose but much to gain. The UFC needs to make this a reality. The fans wanna see it, especially us at Comics Remixed. To borrow a phrase from WWE do "what's best for business" UFC executives and give the fans the fight, JDF vs CM Punk

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