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Exciting Update!

Atarian Computing

May 31, 2017 — Today I received an update on the data recovery of Dan's hard drive. It was a success and almost all files were restored. The recovered files are on their way to Dan in a flash drive.

I would like to acknowledge and thank Antoni Sawicki for his contribution to the data recovery. He has paid for the whole thing out of his own pocket. We all know that data recovery can be costly. If anyone of you didn't know yet, Antoni is the maker of TenoxVGA, a TT-High ECL/VGA adapter. I happen to have one myself. If you would like to thank Antoni personally you can find his details here:

We are now very close to declaring victory. Again, I'm very grateful to Dan for his contribution for this goal. I'm very excited about this project and sincerely hope that we have talented programmers who are willing and able to carry on with the development. I certainly will do what I can. Stay tuned for more updates!


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