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Dan Wilga’s response

Dan Wilga
Gribnif Software

May 18, 2017 — Hello, and thanks for your interest in preserving NeoDesk and Geneva.

Revisiting these programs is something I've been meaning to do for some number of years, and this petition has definitely spurred things along. However, as some of you may have heard, while I do have a backup of the source code it unfortunately does not include all of the other ancillary files needed to actually "make" the programs. That data resides on a single hard drive that no longer starts up properly.

So I am working with Antoni Sawicki, an active member of the Atari community, to see about recovering this data from the faulty drive. Without it, it would take far longer to get the code to the point where it could be actually compiled into working software.

I will keep everyone updated when there is news to share. Thanks for the support, Atarians!