Restore or redesign Australia's Learning Frameworks

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Australia's first Learning Framework for the first five years, The Early Years Learning Framework, was published in 2009 (after being made available as a draft in 2008), and a complementary Learning Framework for school-age care, My Time Our Place, was published in 2012. These documents were significant milestones in Australia's education system, and are utilised every day in Australia by 200,000 educators and teachers to support the learning and wellbeing of children.

But the Learning Frameworks now available from the Department of Education website have been amended. All images and most design elements have been removed, leaving the Framework looking about as interesting as a Microsoft Word document. (More information on the changes can be found here)

The Frameworks should be read regularly and often – we want educators to want to pick it up and explore it, to find new meanings, to reflect with their colleagues. We want them to love the Frameworks. That becomes a lot harder when the time and attention taken to design and produce a document with colour and life is seemingly discarded.

The original printed Framework documents that were provided to services in 2011 are now 7 years old, and are likely being held together with sticky tape and care. New educators and services will be looking for an online copy to print and use – is the version they’ll currently find really the best we can do?

We call on Dan Tehan, the Minister for Education, and the COAG Education Council to

  • restore the original designed versions of the Early Years Learning Framework and My Time Our Place: The Framework for School Age Care; or
  • commission newly-designed versions of both Frameworks that can be made available as soon as possible.

These key educational documents deserve better than their current treatment.