Chad's Law: Failure to Assist, Samaratian Law updat/Affordable immediate Treatment Centers

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The Overdose death population is climbing by the day. This is not a town, city, county, or state problem...This is a COUNTRY problem...America is hurting....Even with the Good Samaritan Law in some states, people witnessing a person overdosing is afraid to call 911 for fear of getting arrested, therefore many residents are Dying when they could possibly be saved! A mandatory 911 call could save thousands of people addicted to narcotics. Im not proposing for anyone to touch the individual  or do CPR...I only want every overdose victim to have the opportunity to live and change their life! A simple 911 call can offer this future to many! A Country wide AMENDMENT to the Good Samaritan Law can relieve that fear of calling 911. We need more and better Education on narcotics....We need treatment facilities that can take anyone of any income level immediately....... Let me share a Father's despair with you....His words sums up the need for these changes!    Chad DESERVED this and thousands of others do as well!! Help Change the law and get Chad's bill passed! I am proposing this law who currently is passed in other States.

From Chads Father,

To most of us, it's a no brainer, if there is a medical emergency then you call 911. Unfortunately in Indiana this is not happening for overdoses. Because of fear of being arrested, 911 calls are not made or are delayed. In Chad's case 911 call was not made for 2+ hours. Could've he been saved? Who knows but I do know that if it wasn't for the Indiana war on drugs mentality that 911 would've been called sooner. I've heard comments such as another druggie off the street...treatment is costing tax payers too much...they are bad low life stupid people etc. Eventually this demon of an epidemic will touch everyone. It does not descriminate. It could be your loved one needing emergency care next and unless the good samaritan laws are expanded to protect against arrest, then your loved ones will likely die. Most of us don't know the power that addiction holds over it's victim. I can only relate from a smokers point of view and it took me several times over several years to quit cigarettes. I cant imagine being addicted to fentanyl which is 50x more addictive than heroine. Fentanyl is what Chad overdosed on so yes...if he was might've took several times and years to overcome this demon...but it can and does happen. Legislators need to look at reclassifying drugs such as marijuana laced with hard drugs such as fentanyl  being in the same class as heroin etc...revising good samaritan laws...affordable treatment with followup...Doctors and pharmaceutical companies being more responsible, more information and just a desire to help and love our fellow citizens. 911 immediately no matter what the consequences. Chad was loved by everyone and I was told he was loved as a a son. He deserved better. Even for a's a no 911 immediately!!!

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