Demand Social Media Sites To REINSTATE ALEX JONES AT ONCE! Stop Attacking Free Speech

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Recently Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple and other media sites have banned Alex Jones of 

This is a direct assault against the 1st Amendment-Free Speech & Freedom of Press

Meanwhile Facebook & YouTube protect Pedophilia, the occult, Transgender attack on our children, Communist ANTIFA violence against police, death threats to our President and more.  But you dare say anything you get slammed for hate speech even though these groups blatantly attack our children's wellbeing.  

Love or hate Alex Jones, Infowars is a media organization and the First Amendment protects free speech, freedom of expression and media along with a right to peacefully protest, etc etc.  

The question is, who will be next??  Will it be you if you want to freely voice out your opinion about something?  Where does it end?  We The People must DEMAND this to stop at once.

Just because Alex Jones questions the official narrative of mass shootings and big events like what ALL media should be doing, it doesn't give Facebook, YouTube and other platforms the right to violate the first amendment.  

This petition is to tell Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms that they better start honoring everyone's free speech and STOP the attack on the 1st Amendment. 

We The People keep these platforms in business, without us they would not be in business.  So let's exercise our power of the people and DEMAND Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Apple to PROTECT free speech & stop being biased. 

-Dan Bidondi