Change the name of all vegan "cheese" to Gary


I think it's unfair that vegan "cheese" can hold the sacred title of "cheese."  As you should know, I am a real cheese fan.  For those of you who haven't lived in the past 4000 years I will give you a brief overview of the beloved art of cheese.  Around 4000 years ago people started to breed animals and process their milk.  That's when cheese was born.  Before Jesus, after Zuess, after God, before Xenu.....well maybe after Xenu.... Whatever, the point is that cheese is nutritious food made mostly from the milk of cows, but also other mammals.  I cannot provide a complete list because I am not a farmer.  I am merely a passionate cheese fan.  Don't come to my wine and cheese parties if you're going to eat non dairy "cheese."  Disclaimer- I feel for you if you are allergic to dairy and aren't a vegan.  

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