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Remove this Daily Mail article: Shame on writers Nick Fagge and Alex Matthews

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The article:


This is a disgusting article from the Daily Mail (we expect nothing less) - but at a time where people, especially working class, black and brown people, and muslims, are at their most vulnerable - it is dangerous. It attempts to spread hatred & deep resentment in how it has the AUDACITY to pinpoint the Grenfell fire to the responsibility of one individual's "faulty fridge". 

The article conveniently makes comparatively little reference to the building's inept health & safety regulations (fire safety signs in buildings telling residents told to 'stay put' if the fire is not happening in their flat), how flammable cladding caused this fire to escalate, how it is a consequence of state neglect & a prioritization of gentrification over human lives and vulnerable families, how demands to the council are (and continue to be) ignored - essentially - no reference is made to the CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER that this absolute disaster was.
(See more here about management accountability.

Instead, the writers choose to victimize a man who is already traumatized after experiencing such a tragedy, and a man who, alongside his community, is mourning over lost lives of family and friends, and on TOP of this - is at the receiving end of the Daily Mail's inexcusably disgusting victim-blaming:

Take 2 examples:

"Raised alarm: Behailu Kebede, a father of one, pictured, whose faulty fridge started the Grenfell Tower inferno and raised the alarm, a neighbour claims"

no. STATE NEGLECT AND RACISM caused the fire. Putting profit before people caused the inferno. The appliance fire should have been easily contained within the flat, had it not been for state neglect. Complacency of the landlords who refused to meet the needs and requests of the civilians inside the building is the direct cause of the fire.

To quote again:
"Saved lives: Mr Kebede, pictured on holiday, would have saved lives by alerting his pregnant neighbour Maryann Adam, 41, that a fire had started in his flat at number 16"

This is RACIST SCAPEGOATING and an absolutely disgraceful way of attaching blame to an individual, implying it was his responsibility to save lives.

This scapegoating MUST END. In state housing THE STATE IS RESPONSIBLE to ensure buildings are fit to inhabit, safe and regularly checked.
The RBKC council put profits before people's lives and we demand they take responsibility, we demand the tabloids END THE SCAPEGOATING OF GRENFELL RESIDENTS.

Behailu, please do not blame yourself. We are behind you.

Peace & justice to all.


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