Reduction of excessive Daewoo Bus Fares for students

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When i write this, i am sure i speak on behalf of all college/university students especially hostelites who commute from Lahore to Islamabad and back more than once each month. Our only 'reputable' bus option is Daewoo Express Bus Service who charge PKR1440/- for a one way commute from DHA Lahore to Rawalpindi. What pinches us the most is that we have to pay 1440 for the most basic bus, which is often dirty, back of the seats are broken, the Wi-Fi is NEVER working and half of the headphones do not work. Sometimes the AC doesn't cool properly. Please take this complaint into account and i am sure i am speaking on behalf of all university students especially who use Lahore DHA terminal who have to pay the bus fare out of their pocket money.
Also, DHA terminal is the most running one in this vicinity, please try to make the terminal better and bigger by introducing more bus timings, reduced fare. There are usually less than four buses going in 24 hours and they are also full so it gets really hard to book a seat.
It is my suggestion that you introduce Student Discounts for us, very honestly the ticket fare should not be more than PKR1000/-, like most local buses charge. We only prefer to use Daewoo because of the reputation you have maintained over the years and we would like to continue using it in the future as well.
Kindly solve our issue regarding this complaint of high bus fares and the maintenance of your buses.