Make the nutrition in fast food healthier

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I love an occasional trip to McDonald’s or Burger King for a delicious burger and McFlurry, but I cannot remember a time that I walked into one of those restaurants and there hasn’t been at least an overweight person. I remember one time I walked into an In N Out Burger and I saw a whole family with two parents and a kid who were all overweight. The ingredients in fast food are a big contributor this problem of overweight people.

Fast food plays a very big role in an overweight person’s diet and is a main contributor to them actually being overweight. The ingredients and amount of those ingredients that fast food restaurants put in their food is only to make the food good and addicting but is disgustingly unhealthy and one of the main contributors to obesity around the world. Fast food restaurants NEED to make their food healthier and help the world around them to be healthier.

I personally think that a nice burger at McDonalds or Burger King is delicious but that is because of the unhealthy amounts of ingredients that they use. Some of the main ingredients that fast food uses unhealthy amounts of are cholesterol, sodium, saturated fat, and sugar. For example, one BIG MAC from McDonalds contains 36 Mg of cholesterol, and 10 nachos can contain up to a whopping 1,800 MG OF SODIUM only 500 mg less than the suggested amount of sodium consumed DAILY. Consuming too much fast food is a big problem around the world, according to 44% of people eat fast food once a week, 20%of people twice a week, 14% of people 3 days or more, 6% of people seven days a week. One fast food MEAL often exceeds the suggested amount the recommended daily amount of  sodium consumed, that is 2,300 mg of sodium for every ONE fast food meal. Just remember the next time you eat a fast food meal that you may be consuming disgusting amounts of  unhealthy ingredients.

Too much of these ingredients can cause many unhealthy conditions and diseases that often deadly. Just imagine how you would feel if you were about from heart disease which you got from your eating habits regretting all that fast food you ever ate and risking your health for a delicious fast food meal, I’m sure you probably don’t want to be in that dreadful situation. Another effect from too much fast food is type 2 diabetes. A study from the book “Fast Food” said that nowadays 30 to 50% the kids that have it got it from their eating habits while the other 50 to 70% got it naturally, 20 years ago though less than 10% of kids with the disease got it from eating, this shows how eating habits are getting worse as time goes on. I personally have a God Brother who has type two diabetes naturally and he didn’t have a choice to get it or not but I’m 100% sure that he would tell anyone that did to make better eating choices.

Sign my petition and help make laws for fast food chains to make their products healthier and more nutritious. Also to just get to real fast food chains and make them sell healthier food, after all the world needs it to make it a healthier place and people have better lives.