Lock Otherside Weapons to Level 127

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Recently, a redux for the Yog-Sothoth event has begun on the Onigiri US server (PC). During the previous release of the event, there was a large outcry from players regarding the Otherside weapons often identifying as low as level 122. This has still not been fixed.

This is a very frustrating mechanic as the Otherside weapons are already very difficult to farm for, and when a level 128 or higher player identifies a level 122 weapon that has significantly lower damage, that player will usually feel very unhappy. It also turns the weapons into something resembling a lottery, with players who receive weaker weapons often finding it unfair. A level 124 Otherside weapon has even lower base attack than a level 123 Warped weapon.

There is virtually no merit to receiving a lower leveled version, as even players under level 125 whom I've spoken with have still expressed their desire to receive a Level 127 weapon and simply level up to use it if necessary. The current situation is simply a matter of getting screwed over by receiving a weaker item.

Many players actually give up on farming Otherside weapons due to this problem, and simply stop doing the event after obtaining enough magatama. I did the same thing during the previous event. This event would be far more worthwhile if players were guaranteed to receive expected results after spending their time and money.

I think that the Otherside weapons should be updated to always identify at level 127, just like Veteran Weapons always identify at level 113. Additionally, it would be ideal if all currently existing Otherside Weapons were retroactively patched to have stats equal to a level 127 version.

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