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Keep the 10 OC Energy Restores on Onigiri EN Server

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So as of recent, the EN Onigiri server has received an event that lowered the price of a full restore of the player's energy to run late-game content from 30 Onigiri Coins (OC) to 10 OC per restore. While the cost was normally prohibitive and thus artificially stretched the difficulty of making endgame gear, the lowered cost has made it possible to run late-game content more often.

Much of this content is unique, and has exclusive enemies that stray from the regular (boring) way of fighting, and are much more engaging for the player to fight. They are more enjoyable to fight, but also carry unique drops that are required for virtually all end-game equipment to craft.

The problem is that this event is going to end, and will return to the regular price of 30 OC per restore (to put in perspective, 10 OC = 1 USD, 30 OC = 3 USD).

With the sheer amount of materials required for endgame equipment but the limited number of runs possible per day normally, this makes some things take months to craft, despite the player's actual playtime being low, due to the speed at which these dungeons can be completed. 

If the discount were to end, we would go back to seeing a large portion of the playerbase simply not playing due to the fact that there is very little endgame content that is accessible or enjoyable outside of these dungeons that require energy to run. This is still discounting the fact that virtually all materials for endgame equipment come from these dungeons.

And to make matters worse, the Japanese Onigiri server has had this event for multiple months with no notice of it ending, implying that they will have this as a permanent reduction in cost.

  On a personal note, I enjoy this game quite a bit. Despite the bumps in the interactions between community and developers, I feel that they've managed to still make a unique product and bring a game that has content that brings an experience that is hard to find a match for. However, much of this content is locked behind areas that require energy.

 In conclusion, we would like to keep the discounted restores so that we can access the enjoyable content of the game much more often, and spend more time playing rather than wishing we could play.




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