Renew Life Sentence

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Hey guys, on March 7th, a new little show called Life Sentence premiered on the CW. Unfortunately, live numbers aren’t what everybody was expecting and the show hit a 0.1 recently which pushed it to Fridays 9/8c starting April 27 (a new episode airs this Wednesday so watch it LIVE). Fans all around the world have tried to be vocal about the love we feel for the show and our goal is to trend #RenewLifeSentence to show The CW that fans are here and want more! Moreover, we try to let the network know that the show has a worldwide audience ready to watch the show when it hits Netflix in the world.
FYI, if you haven’t started watching the show yet, you can stream it on the CW App (if you live in the US) or watch it on PlayOn App (if you live abroad). We have seen a lot of people being pessimistic about the show’s move to Fridays and even though it is not an encouraging sign, Deadline (known for its accuracy) points out it’s not a cancellation and that with streaming and delayed viewing, Life Sentence is a solid performer!
Please sign this petition and share it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Let the CW know that Life Sentence deserves a second chance!

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