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CVS: Sell U.S. flags all year! "Not enough" is NOT a reason!


     CVS claims they that they only will sell American flags for the 4th, because "not enough" were sold at other times to warrant stocking them.

     The American flag is not only for profit on the 4th of July! It's also for Veterans Day, Memorial Day, and simply because it is patriotic!
     Soldiers have served and died for over 200 years for CVS to be able to exist!  Members of my own family have served in several wars, in several services, for many many years.

So did Nathan Hale and Ethan Allen. So did Andrew Jackson and Robert E. Lee and Ulysses Grant and Pershing and Eisenhower and Patton and Petraeus.
And all the veterans who we know personally in our hearts that are named, and those who remain Unknown and Missing.

Why am I so upset?

I visited my local CVS (Wesley Chapel, FL/Wiregrass) on Nov. 9 to purchase a small American flag to honor my vets for Veterans Day. Greeted by a Santa Clause figure and many many Christmas items for purchase, I could not find a single U.S. flag. My inquiries led me up the store supervisor ladder when I was eventually told by the asst. manager that since they did not sell "enough" last year, a "decision was made" to only sell on the 4th of July when many more are sold.

My conclusion? CVS will sell U. S. flags ONLY for a bottom line profit figure. On November 9, Christmas trumps American flags for profit bottom line.

I asked to speak with the Head Store manager and was told that he "did not speak with customers over such matters." I did get the phone number of the District Manager.
     However, at 2:30 on a Friday afternoon, Earl Connell was not available. In fact, no one in that office was available. I guess that is another "perk" of soldiers serving for over 200 years. Some people now get long weekends.
     I then checked the Facebook page for CVS. Great picture of a Marine at a military cemetery. What a shame it also has to promote a discount on a product!
I also sent a message via the FB page. The response I got was to dial 1--800-CVS-SHOP. I wrote back indicating that this past calling an 800 number.

CVS will not sell American flags, even for Veterans Day, because they did not sell "enough" last year. $5 Billion in revenue last year. American soldiers served and died so that a country and society that allows for that economy could be formed and protected as a way of life for over 200 years. That is why CVS exists to be able to make $5,000,000,000 annual revenue. There IS a connection.

If our Vets had not served, if Ethan Allen had not served America as among her first Veterans and captured Fort Ticonderoga, CVS would not exist! Do they see the connection? Men and women who have served for over 200 years. Much blood and tears have been shed for the CVS to be able to set up shop on the local corner.

Do you see the connection?

Please help me. Ask CVS to honor our Vets, honor the convenience of our patriotism over their profits ALL YEAR. Please sign my petition.

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