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Save Our Schools (Curwen/Ranelagh/Kensington)

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As you may already be aware, Tapscott Learning Trust is pushing for our schools to form a MAT (Multi-Academy Trust). We feel that this is a bad move for all of the schools involved and believe that it will have a negative impact on all of our children. Many parents, members of staff, the NUT and the Anti-Academies Alliance are against academisation and the forming of this MAT. The schools have presented you with a very biased document outlining the benefits of an academy - now let's take a look at the FACTS!

Did you know?

  • Schools have better financial protection with the Local Authority.
  • We cannot trust what academies promise as they are free from Government regulations.
  • Academies are not accountable to the Local Authority.
  • Academies can sell of their assets.
  • Academies are a business model - there is no legal way back!
  • Chief Executives at academies earn more - sometimes much more - than Head Teachers at maintained schools.
  • Academies employ large numbers of consultants - many of whom have never set foot inside a classroom!
  • Academies will be hit just as hard by cuts as maintained schools.
  • Academies can stop taking children with Special Needs.
  • Academies do not have to employ qualified Teachers!
  • Academies do not have to follow the National Curriculum.
  • We cannot trust the information that has already been given to us, as academies can make changes to policies and procedures with no warning.
  • Academy status does not improve pupil attainment in national tests and exams.

The Tapscott Learning Trust are aiming to recruit 20 schools! How will they be able to dedicate time to individual students and their needs? Do you know the 5 members of the Tapscott Learning Trust? No. So why Trust them with our children?

Being an academy will not benefit our children. The school's have gained 'Outstanding' and 'Good' OFSTED reports under Local Authority control - so why try and fix something that is not broken?

It is not a 'done deal'. You can make a difference by fighting for our children's future. These schools should remain part of the community - they belong to us! Please help us secure a better future for our children by signing our petition to stop the academisation of our schools.

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