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Save WSU Swimming and Diving

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We can save this team for one year! We can do this by raising $85,000. Please click on this link to make a donation and help us reach our goal!

Always earned, never given "These are the words our swim and dive team lives by. We take our hearts, souls, and ambition and put it towards the sport we are all passionate about. We wake up at five in the morning to go to practice, go to class with our hair still wet, and spend our weekends competing. Even though we spend half of our week in the water, it is all worth it to be a part of the Wright State Swim and Dive team. It is so heartbreaking for our team to be taken away in the blink of an eye. Just like the quote above says, we are willing to fight our hardest in order to earn our swim team back."-Shayna Salzman, member of Women's Swim and Dive team

"The Wright State swim team is more than just an athletic team, it's a family. The friendships that are made and the community formed is a lifelong benefit to everyone involved. Wright State Swimming has given me opportunities I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and I fear for the time that future students and future swimmers won't have the same opportunities to grow at Wright State."-Ryan Schultz, member of the Men's Swim and Dive team

"The impact that swimming at Wright State has made in my life and in the lives of my teammates is immeasurable. Being surrounded by this driven unit of diverse athletes has given me perspective on what it means to aspire to be something greater than myself and to pour my efforts into something I'm passionate about. Swimmers and divers do not choose to swim or dive because they are diligent or because they have a desire to win and succeed at something. Swimming drives that into you over many up and downs. This in turn overflows and works itself into each aspect of our lives as we go through college and prepare for what is to come. To take away this program is to shut down the environment where such development can take place within our university and to dismiss the countless student athletes who seek it, both now and in the years to come."-Gavin Mickelson, member of Wright State Swim and Dive team

The Wright State Swim and Dive team does so much for the community. Our team volunteers to help out with the Special Olympics swim meets. We hold swim clinics to help the athletes train. We also volunteer to be timers at the meets. This spring we worked with Rebuild Dayton to help repair a house. Later in the spring we raised money for the Amazing Grace Foundation which raises funds for cancer patients. We also volunteer to teach swim lessons to children in the Dayton area. Academically, we are great ambassadors for our school by having high average team GPA's.

Please help us fight this decision and restore the WSU Swim and Dive family! 



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