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Stop the Curro Academy Wilgehewel (CAW) 2 in 1 Tablet “Pilot Programe”

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Concerned parents submit the following petition to stop the implementation of the 2 in 1 Tablet “Pilot Programe” at Curro Academy Wilgehewel (CAW). The petition is motivated by the following:

·         CAW is only one year old and should focus on stabilising its academic performance and operations.

·         CAW has experienced several thefts therefore tablets exacerbate the situation until a solution found.

·         Learners that walk home are easy targets and exposed to personal safety risks.

·         Lack of substantive information and participatory consultative process.

o  How the tablet will be integrated into the learning of each individual subject and how value will be extracted per subject? No assurance that all text books will be electronic.

o  What happens when the “primary learning tool” (device) is stolen, damaged or malfunctions? How will learners not be negatively affected?

o  No information on how the programme will be monitored and its success or lack thereof quantitatively evaluated.

o  Only one information session was arranged despite the enormous impact to parents and learners.

o  No facts to support the learner / parent value proposition, business case and demonstrable value to support such an enormous parent investment.

o  No facts or quantitatively results of similar Tablet Programmes implemented at other Curro schools.

o  No information on how learner device / server data and meta data will be kept private and confidential and not used for unauthorised purposes.

o  No effective or acceptable solution to theft / damage while at school. A possible solution is to minimise learner movements by assigning permanent classrooms.

·         Information provided focuses on device technology rather than curriculum integration and value add.

·         Limited programme information was provided late in the year (term 4) when parents and learners are focusing on final exams giving parents insufficient time to, assess the programme value, budget for the huge unplanned expense and research suitable alternative device options.

·         Lessons learnt indicate success probability increases if parents are fully involved and buy-in from the onset.

·         Feedback from parents at other Curro schools indicates that children tire quickly and strains their eyes. Parents had to buy text books as well since learners preferred studying from text books. Not all subjects made use of the tablet. The tablet was more of a distraction and be better as a support tool rather than a “primary learning tool”.

·         The programme is a “pilot” (essentially a test) at the expense of parents.

·         The monthly fee for licenses and software however most of the software is available free or should be included with the device. The fee also includes teacher training which should be a CAW cost.

·         The cost impact has not been adequately assessed for affordability considering South Africa’s bleak economic climate and already constrained parents. The programme can place parents into unplanned debt.

·         The devices high cost does not suit especially primary phase learners since devices will be easily damaged.

·         The choice of the 2 in 1 tablet is not the most cost effective tablet solution.

·         The pilot programme is being forced onto parents with no alternatives or guarantees of success or return on investment.

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