CUPE 3903 Rat Vote: June 13

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Current total signatures: 155 (as of  Monday, June 11, 10:30pm).

June 11:

Unit 2 members will be finally have a ratification vote on Wednesday, June 13.


I'll continue to tally the results below, periodically, so feel free to still add your name to it. Members of all units are welcome to sign!


June 8:

York's re-introduced the offers achieved during the June 2nd mediation rounds. They expire on June 13. The ratification vote for these needs to happen on June 12.


June 7/8:

York University has provided new offers for ratification, without a specific deadline set, though with the possibility of them being revoked at any time.

So, once again: dear bargaining team, please let the membership vote and decide for themselves whether they find these offers acceptable or not. 


June 7:

This is now a 'symbolic' petition, representing the members who wanted to have had a chance to vote on the employer's last offers, had the Bargaining Team allowed us to do so by Wed. June 6, taking the very possible steps to 'call for a special ratification GMM' needed to do so, before the June 6 deadline. Majority of the Unit 2 Bargaining Team members (2/3) also voted to bring this offer forward for ratification (before the deadline), but were outvoted by the rest of the bargaining team members (including all of U1 and U3 bargaining team members). (Majority of the entire BT must vote to decide to bring the offer forward for ratification, for members to be allowed to vote on it; this did not occur with this offer, hence no ratification vote.)

June 4:

Original text of petition:

We, the undersigned members of CUPE 3903 (all units) at York University, call on our Bargaining Team to please bring the employer's latest offer of settlement to a democratic ratification vote at the SGMM on Wednesday, June 6th, so that the greater will of the membership at large can be ascertained on whether or not they find these offers acceptable, and therefore whether the strike should end or not. Let the members vote!


Tatiana Paulin (Unit 2)
Fernanda Salsberg (Unit 2)
Martha Batiz (Unit 2)
Sirvan Karimi (Unit 2)
Michelle Mawhinney (Unit 2)

Sylvie Clamageran, Unit 2, CUPE 3903 for 2 full French Studies Departments:

Chantal Abouchar-Rodriguez
Luke Arnason
Anat Avitzur
Sylvie Blakeley-Dejy
Marie-Elaine Bourgeois
Juliette Gnaba-Lawson
Vadym Donsky
Henriette Gezundhajt
Michel Guidigbi
Laura Kuzmenko
Nathaliya Lenina
Farida Mersali
Elsa Michael
Roxaneh Naghshi
Shodja Ziaian
Randal Schnoor
John M. Limnidis
Jai Chetram
Brian Katz
David Stamos
Irene Markoff
Mohamed Khimji
Paul Kashiyama
Andrea Valente
Patricia Parejo
Rose Miller
Chandra Kumar
Judith Cohen
Roy Ratterson
Arthur Younger
Mark Eisenman
Olya Murphy
Maria Frohlich-Dees
Iouldouz Raguimov
Barbara Ackerman
Julie Allen
Jennifer Taylor
Patricia Jordan-Altman
Shereen Hassanein
Roxaneh Naghshi
Harraj Chahal
Hilary Davis
Mark Cummings
Eknoor Thind
Norma Burrowes
Glenn Goshulak
Sandi Yakub
Mike Gadsden
Julio Fonseca
Peter Penz
Mary Traill
Radha Persaud
Christopher John Chanco
Jonas Lim
Angie Lim
Salwa Unit 2
Shaudin Melgar-Foraster
William Gleberzon
Anton Matejka
Alex Sabaliauskas
J R Heywood
Cael Cohen
Affan Shoukat
Gabriela Carra de Parejo
Laurinda Hartt-Fournier
Malcolm Glennie
Francesca Brown
Kyle Belozerov
Charles Hong
Frederick Kwasi Dunyo
Melanie Noordhuis
David Rayfield
Miya Trent
Mert Beloglu
Juliette Lawson
Dafydd Hughes
Rick Lazar
Edward Tait
David Carvounas
Sue Black
Mara Reich
Amanda DeMichele
Gabrielle Magro (U1)
Deborah Clipperton
Carl Wolfe
Liisa Duncan unit 2
Stephanie Bogle
Raisa Nakhmanovich
Philip MacEwen
Kelly Parr
Suzanne Tinglin
Noah Wayne
Sandy Singh
Jenni Little
Catherine Ishino
Daniel Perez
Timothy Bedford
Sylvia Sb
Noreen Stuckless (U2)
Mary Anne Coffey (U2)
Raji Iyer (U2)
Hiro Hiroji
Janet Rubinoff
Grethe Lund
Alireza Rafiee
Anthony Chan
Patricia James
Teresa McSpurren
Lynn M Gosse
Cynthia Jones
Karen Armstrong
Tristan Mcmillan
Pam Olin
Attila Attila
Connie Young
Terry Smith
Lori Wormington
Tamara Wood
Tannis Stenstrom
Jason Worhees
Elsa Michael
Tara Davidson
Cherie Gould
P Divincenzo
Mordechay Anafi
Sacha Williamson
Steven Pinter
Sharon Armstrong
KK Hardtke
Luke Fleming
Karl Schmid
Carly Roberts
Mak Lee
Lorne Lofsky
Wesley Powell
Helen Jones
Catherine Ishino
Maria Keresztesi
Jamie Roberts
Jeffrey Der
Barbara Hui
Sophia Li
Kirk Gillis
Justin Das
Jessica Liu
Raj Pansar
Anna Tracey
Wayne Skinner
Emerald Fosserties


Please add your name and unit (in the comments below), and 'sign' the petition. I will periodically update the names to the running list of names above for easier display, so make sure you sign, if you haven't yet! Thank you!

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