Resignation of Medgar Evers College President Crew and Removal of portable classrooms

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The current conditions at Medgar Evers College are threatening and undermining the mission of the college. This institution is a vital higher educational pillar of educational, economic, cultural and social empowerment for the central Brooklyn community and New York City. The college is a (PBI) predominantly Black Institution and serves a mostly female, poverty-stricken, disenfranchised student body.

The students at my college need the most but receive the least amount of resources from CUNY, the City and the State in comparison to other CUNY colleges. 

We the Students of Medgar Evers College set forth these necessary actions that must be taken to Save Medgar Evers College!
1. Resignation of Medgar Evers College President Rudolph Crew, Provost Okereke, and their executive staff.
2. New academic infrastructures (new buildings)
3. Student residential dormitories
4. Removal of portable classroom trailers
5. Capital Funding to pay for new infrastructure projects
6. Free, permanent, unlimited access to the new recreational facilities at the Brooklyn Bedford Armory.

Additional information...

 Rudy Crew is an absentee president - He hardly shows up for work (he sends a video) and when he does, he leaves within a couple of hours - is he out fundraising? Probably not, since we have a negative balance in our budget.

See below:
2)  Financial Planning - The College is required to submit a  three-year financial plan. The plan calls for:
Achievement of a balanced operating budget; - we begun the school year with a negative balance in our operating budget.
Strategic alignment of financial resources - we have no idea what resources we have access to nor are we able to provide any input 
Adequate funding of programs and services - There has been a Tremendous Reduction in Student Services -
A) No Math Center even though the majority of students fail Math students cannot graduate or persist through the curriculum without College Math);
B) Reduced Services in the Writing Center
C) Reduction in Tutors in the Learning Center

Effective and efficient resource management - a 2016 audit reveals that President Crew used money from Ella Baker childcare center to purchase new furniture for his home 
2) No managerial Plan concerning enrollment and retention - faculty are expected to recruit and retain students.  Enrollment has significantly declined which is a loss of revenue for the college.

3) Arbitrary Firing of Faculty and Staff 

4) Bullying and Intimidation - administrators continuously try to keep faculty, staff, and students from gathering to discuss their concerns;