Expel Abusers from CU Boulder

Expel Abusers from CU Boulder

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Petition to Protest University Changes to Title IX

Background & Explanation
Survivors of sexual violence (SV) have found that the University of Colorado Boulder campus is a hostile environment. Many of their traumas are inflicted on or near campus, and attacks on Title IX are weakening the few protections we are afforded. CU Boulder has the ability to protect us by putting in place stronger protections for victims of SV.

The original text of Title IX requires that all schools receiving federal funding must protect students from discrimination on the basis of gender and sexuality. In 2011, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights extended Title IX protections to include threats and realities of sexual harassment and assault. We realize that Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos does not share this commitment to victims and potential victims of sexual violence on college campuses, and we implore CU Boulder to proactively demonstrate its concern for the safety of all students by taking a firm stand to protect and improve upon our federal Title IX rights.

Action Petitioned For:
We, the undersigned, are concerned university affiliates who urge our University leaders to act now to:

1) Automatically expel those found responsible for violating Title IX

We demand that expulsion be the automatic sanction for those found responsible for violating Title IX by committing SV. If desired, the survivor of that assault will have the option to submit an appeal that would ask the university to readmit the respondent. Readmission is only an option for first-time offenders. Respondents with multiple offenses will not be readmitted because they have continuously contributed to a hostile environment on the basis of gender.

2) Mandate an extensive course for those found responsible for violating Title IX

We demand those found responsible must complete a comprehensive course on sexual violence. This course will be made up of at least 7 weeks of intensive classes, & will take place off campus. The respondent must take this course in order to be readmitted to the university.

3) Automatically remove respondents under investigation from classes they share with the complainant

We demand that during the reporting process and before a decision is reached by the university, it is the duty of the school to make other arrangements for respondents who share classes with a complainant, so that survivors may continue their educational path without re-traumatization. Additionally, if the survivor of the assault submits an appeal & the perpetrator is re-admitted to CU Boulder, the respondent will not be allowed to enroll in classes with the complainant.

4) Include off-campus assault under university protection guidelines

We demand that any person affiliated with the university will be protected by the university, with no exceptions if the assault in question occurred on or off-campus. We also demand that respondents are investigated whether or not their complainant is CU-affiliated.

5) Remove respondents found responsible for violating Title IX from campus housing

If a respondent found in violation of Title IX is readmitted due to an appeal submitted by the complainant, we demand that the respondent is removed from campus housing. The readmitted respondent must find off-campus housing for the duration of their time as a student.

6) Free health services for survivors of Sexual Violence

We demand that the university must provide necessary healthcare for survivors of SV. This will include but is not limited to rape kits, STI testing, and abortion services/medicines. We demand that the university provide a full-time Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner for these services.

7) Uphold the 2011 & 2013 DCLs' recommendation to utilize the investigator model in Title IX investigations

We demand that the administration uphold CU's current practice of investigating Title IX violations through trained Title IX investigators.This is contrary to the model of relying on mediation (which has a silencing effect on complainants), in-person demands for evidence (which can discourage survivors from reporting or cause them to withdraw their complaint) and/or cross-examination style hearings (which can be re-traumatizing for complainants).

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!