Stop Cutting CTA Service (62 Bus)

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The CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) is a valued form of transportation in the city of Chicago. Over the recent months, the service from Cicero to Harlem on the Archer bus has been drastically cut. We need more service back!

Many of us can not drive for medical and personal reasons. Limiting our ability to travel isn’t okay!

Most of the buses that go into the area already stop running early (some as early as 8PM) and others don’t run certain days a week (Sundays). This makes it extremely difficult for us who rely on public transportation as is. 

The Archer bus may not drop all of us off at our front door, but it at least can get us within walking distance to our homes. It gets us into our neighborhood at the very least. The bus has significantly cut in frequency, but also stops running completely into our area late at night. Anyone who works late or spends a night out can no longer get home if they fully rely on the CTA. 

We want the service back closer to normal! Slightly more frequent buses, or at least full service buses at night too!