Reject New Gate Agreement Which Promotes Unlimited Tourism - Protect Our Quality of Life

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On July 12th, Bret Martin, President of CSA announced a tiered increase in gate fees. The email did not include the concessions made in exchange for the gate fee increase, namely:

  • Perpetual obligation to fund trolley operations and assume all risks
  • Future obligations to transfer significant sums to a committee comprised of the Resort & Commercial representativesl to promote unlimited tourism  
  • Permanent transfer of control of the gate to the Sea Pines Center and Sea Pines Resort
  • Forfeit of over $500,000 per year by granting free gate access to Sea Pines Lodging Guests (rental homes not owned but managed by the Resort). 
  • Additional forfeit of revenue for free passes to residents of a new community on the island, setting a precedent that any development that SPR associates itself with may have free unfettered access.
  • 250 free passes each year for each commercial entity
  • If the agreement is challenged, the gate fee immediately reverts to $6 and we will continue to operate the trolley on behalf of the commercial entities.

This agreement clearly was not developed with Residential Property Owner interests in mind and represents an inequitable exchange of value.  

All RPOs who value quality of life, property values and the essence of Sea Pines Plantation as a gated community should be outraged.

We must have a public hearing to discuss and amend the terms of a gate increase as required to retain the unique and special character of Sea Pines without granting new powers, privileges, and protections that permanently undermine efforts by RPOs to control and manage the ever-increasing volume of daily visitors.

If you would like a copy of the complete agreement with a Q&A please email Richard Matthews at