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Bring Exploration To Star Trek Online, and STO back to the true roots of Star Trek.

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Star Trek since the beginning with Star Trek The Original Series had one thing at its heart, Exploration; not War. Gene Roddenberry had a vision when he created Star Trek and it was that all races could come together and solve their differences without conflict all the time. In Star Trek Earth stepped into the moonlight after the Post-Atomic Horrors of the Third World War as well as the Augments. After Earth made First Contact with the Vulcans in 2063 Earth was propelled into a peaceful age where they started to look towards the stars and what was out there. By Star Trek Enterprise humanity had "waded ankle deep in the Ocean of Space and with the launch of Earth's first Warp Five starship the Enterprise NX-01 it was final time to swim". From Star Trek's humble beginnings with The Original Series, Starfleet had one mandate, the "Peaceful Exploration of Space"; and "To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations and to Boldly Go Where No Man (No One) Has Gone Before" (as stated in both the Star Trek TOS and Star Trek TNG openings).

From the beginning every since Cryptic created Star Trek Online (STO) all they have done with STO has been one damn war after another. When you first start the game, you find that the Klingons and the Federation are at WAR. Then from there everything slowly leads into the Iconian War, but before that in the Delta Quadrant the game places the player into the Kobali-Vaadwaur War (or the war of the Vaadwaur against pretty much the entire Delta Quadrant). Currently in STO you are up against the Tzenkethi and it is very clear that the events of this new season are going to lead up to; you guessed it, another war. The Tzenkethi pretty much even say it right in the game, that they are on the "Path of Conflict", a path of conflict can clearly mean war. You never see the storyline in STO after attempt to even lead to a PEACEFUL OUTCOME instead of a war for it has always been "attack, attack, attack" when a potential hostile species is encountered. In Star Trek The Next Generation (TNG) Captain Picard himself always looked for a PEACEFUL outcome to every situation and only when it wasn't possible the hostile aliens always attacked first. Clearly though the developers of Star Trek Online (STO) Cryptic, and Perfect World Entertainment (PWE) are yet again aiming towards WAR; this time with the Tzenkethi!

There isn't any TRUE elements of Star Trek whatsoever in this game. There isn't and real Exploration (there was a partial exploration system that wasn't so good (exploring clusters) but Cryptic removed it with Season 9.5 of the game when they did a "Sector Space Revamp". It was assumed that the Player derived Foundry could be used to create Exploration Stories but this doesn't really happen at all (and the Foundry isn't even accessible at all on the Console versions of the game for PlayStation 4 (PS4) and xBox One. With the simple fact that the Federation and Starfleet stands for isn't even in the game; how can Star Trek Online even call itself Star Trek when it doesn't stand true to the Star Trek Franchise or the ideals put in place where the Federation is an organization of Peaceful Exploration. It is even stated by Captain/Admiral Pike in JJ Abrams Star Trek Film "Star Trek 2009 (the first film of the current movies) that "Starfleet (and by default the United Federation of Planets) is a Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Armada".

Thus Cryptic only seems to have a WAR Mentality with Star Trek Online (everything has to be War, War, and even more War). This isn't true to Star Trek and what the Star Trek Franchise has always stud for whatsoever. With this constant War Mentality from Cryptic and PWE, it would dictate that Cryptic and PWE's License to make Star Trek Online (STO) should be pulled by both CBS Studios and Paramount Studios and given to a company that would actually bring Star Trek back to its TRUE TRADITIONAL ROOTS of the Franchise with an even mixture of: Peaceful Exploration, Seeking Out New Life and New Civilizations; Deep Space Exploration of Unexplored Space, and the occasional conflicts that could either lead to a Sector Wide War or even All Out War (like the Dominion War in Star Trek Deep Space Nine); or why not even a player derived Peaceful Outcome that gets away from a War all together? All of these things would be far better in STO than what Cryptic is doing now with the game.

With the main roots of Star Trek being EXPLORATION, maybe adding the exploration part of another galaxy into the storyline for STO would thus  be introducing New Life and New Civilizations into the game would actually be more logical than what they are doing now. In fact Star Trek has mentioned multiple times the Andromeda Galaxy but it's never been explored whatsoever in established Star Trek Canon, any of the current Star Trek books under publication by PocketBooks (a Division of Simon and Schuster) and hasn't even been explored or mentioned in any other game either!

So please if you are a Star Trek Fan, A Trekkie, A Trekker or prefer that Star Trek's roots of Peaceful Exploration is upheld in Cryptic's game Star Trek Online or are even just tired of the constant "War Mandate" in STO then please sign this and get the word out to Cryptic that you want to see this change implemented in Star Trek Online where Exploration is brought back to the game where it actually does justice to the Heart of The Star Trek Franchise. This petition might just be the only way to get to Cryptic about what the players of STO want for they don't run player surveys at all to get to know what the fans/players want in the game.

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