Please do not allow animal experiments to take place in Mauritius

Mauritius is already one of the world's largest suppliers of monkeys for the research industry, exporting thousands of animals every year to the USA and the European Union. Now, a recent decision taken by the Mauritius Cabinet Office could result in the setting up of animal laboratories allowing experiments to take place on the island.

Thousands of animals, including the country’s native population of monkeys, are at risk of being imprisoned in laboratories for use in experiments, during which they will be subjected to pain, suffering and distress.

In addition to the ethical objections and the strong scientific arguments against the use of animals in research, there is now a wide range of more human-relevant and humane alternatives available.

Please join Cruelty Free International, Sitwayen Animal and Progress Science/NO Animal Experiments in Mauritius with our campaign calling on the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Members of the Mauritius Parliament and the President of Mauritius to not allow animal suffering and cruelty. Instead, make Mauritius a forward thinking country that adopts humane and cutting edge alternatives.

Please watch our video showing the reality of life for monkeys in one EU laboratory [warning - some viewers may find the video upsetting]

Find out more about our work to protect the animals of Mauritius:

Cruelty Free International

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  • The Hon Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Prime Minister of Mauritius and the Mauritius Parliament

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