Make Ember - A Spiritual Successor to Firefall

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Make Ember - A Spiritual Successor to Firefall

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Mark Kern started this petition to Crixa Labs

(Note: I think people have got it backwards. I'm not asking for support to make a game. I'm asking people to convince me there is a market left to make it.)

If you want to see the original vision of Firefall, sign this petition.

When Firefall reached its peak in beta, there were over 1.5 million registered accounts and tens of thousands of active players per day. The game's original vision was an open-world, sandbox war, played by players against the enigmatic adversary known as the Chosen.

The game was unique: A shooter first and foremost with a fully open sandbox world and unlike any MMO before or since.

Today, you can't play that game. It was changed and is lost forever.

Unfortunately, when new management took over, they changed the game completely before launch. Instead of a horizontal progression shooter where crafting and skill mattered, we have the same old MMO level grind. Instead of a go-anywhere sandbox world, we got zones and level restrictions. Instead of the game being about a fighting a massive war, we got fetch quests and dailies.

We can't have that game back, but we can create a new one based on the same principles.

The new management of Firefall has made clear they will not sell the IP to a new team, or to allow the game to be restored to its original vision. But what we can do is take the principles of the original vision of the game and create a new one, Ember.

Ember would be set in the Crixa universe, a tabletop, space-opera RPG currently under development.

Crixa is a tabletop RPG passion project of mine being developed by my company Crixa Labs. It is set in a far future where humanity has claimed the stars, and where new galaxies are being discovered by brave adventurers opening up jump-gates to places unknown and traveling through them in search of fame and glory. It would make a perfect setting for Ember.

In Crixa, habitable planets are few and far between, so brave teams of terraformers lead the effort to prepare planets for habitation. They change the atmosphere, purge the planet of any hostile lifeforms, and live a fast and furious mercenary life that is as handsomely rewarded as it is dangerous.

Players in Ember would form these bands of hot-shot, top-gun Terraformers.

Ember follows the principles and vision of the original game design.

  • A shooter first, with great movement, guns and abilities. Skill matters. Progression is horizontal, opening up more options and abilities and gameplay.
  • Mining and gathering of resources with the aid of huge, autonomous mechs. Resources matter, and finding and gathering them is fun.
  • Build and customize your own "omniframe" suit and weapons system. Customize them to your unique needs and the role you want to fulfill.
  • Sandbox world. Terraform the planet over time, create pockets of habitable areas and build refineries, defenses, and bases of operation.
  • Play a simulated world, with dynamic events. Go anywhere, do anything. Events will unfold around you as you play--perhaps even war.

Only you can make it happen.

I've received so many messages asking me to make this game as originally intended. But is there enough interest to go further? I had my team put together a teaser video and created this petition to find out. If you would like to see this game happen, sign and spread the word. If there is enough interest, we'll do the rest. Thank you.

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This petition had 4,798 supporters