Create a safe access route for Ruddington residents

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Hundreds of Ruddington residents are faced with a dangerous daily walk due to a single, narrow footpath being our only access into the village – running between Clifton Lane and the Pasture Lane Estates up to Old Station Drive. This path runs adjacent to a busy main road, with buses and lorries within a hair’s breadth of pedestrians, who are often schoolchildren. The route is particularly dangerous in winter, becoming hazardously icy, and our requests to the council for gritting are routinely denied. The path is also frequently – and understandably – used by cyclists deeming the road too dangerous, making it a very busy route.

Hundreds of further new houses in the area mean this is an issue of mounting urgency for a growing number of residents.

We understand from Nottinghamshire County Council that an agreement has been reached to create a safer path and money has been ringfenced. However, legal negotiations over land ownership have prevented this from proceeding and the project has been several years in development with no movement.

Correspondence from Nottinghamshire County Council leads us to believe the final hurdle is to complete legal discourse with Crest Nicholson. We would urge both parties to pursue this with the urgency and vigour this matter warrants, leading to a swift resolution to safeguard the wellbeing of affected residents. We believe this would benefit our whole village, reducing traffic as more people feel safe to walk, scoot and cycle, and increasing use of our village facilities and shops.