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Keep fake #SPNFamily away from cons in US and Europe

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I have been a fan of the show Supernatural since its premier almost 12 years ago. The writing is clever, the lore is well researched, and the actors and guest stars are perfectly placed. More than once, this show and the people I have come to meet because of it, have had a profound impact on my life and my loved ones, offering support, encouragement, and advice when I needed it. Over a year ago I joined #SPNFamily on Twitter to interact more with fellow fans and admirers. Once there, I discovered that there is a faction of this fandom that exists only to create drama where there is none, to divide fans and friends, sometimes even family, over an agenda that is theirs and theirs alone. These supposed "fans" have even gone as far as to attack the wives, CHILDREN, parents, siblings, and other fans of our beloved actors and actresses, in a misguided attempt to create "subtext" where none exists. Until recently, I was able to ignore and block the minority of vocal and misguided fans, and still enjoy the interaction my favorite actors and crew offered. Lately, however, things have taken an ugly and personal turn. Accusations have been made, FALSELY, against some actors who, in my immense personal experience, have been nothing but kind, supportive, and encouraging to their fans. In particular, lately, against Travis Aaron Wade; a man who served his country in the Marines and has been driven to bring positive change to the lives of human- and animal-kind alike with his altruistic endeavors. These "fans" have a history of stretching the truth, creating an issue where there is none, and attacking and harassing fans who don't agree with them. This I can prove. Claims have even been made that he was indecent with ME at a convention, which is 100% untrue. I have watched, horrified, as these people created and spread fictitious stories against him and others, even offering "evidence" of supposed violations in the form of screenshots. We all know those things can be faked. I, myself, created a series of conversations (which never happened) between three random people with the help of a website. Personally, I'm sick of these people stealing my joy in this show and my adopted family. For months I've been unable to make a positive comment on Twitter or Facebook about anything SPN related without a faction of the fandom attacking me and trying to "prove" their side. They've gone after other individuals as well. I think it's time for someone to stand up and say, we are SICK of you destroying our happy place; we are SICK of you asking our actors questions which clearly make them uncomfortable. We are SICK of you pushing your agendas on the rest of us and when we disagree with you, we are SICK of you telling us to "F*** off my timeline." Our opinions are just as valid as yours and WE SUPPORT SUPERNATURAL!! WE SUPPORT TRAVIS!! WE SUPPORT JENSEN and DANEEL!! WE SUPPORT JARED and JEN!! WE SUPPORT MISHA and VICKI!! We support our SHOW!! We do NOT support LIES....So I ask that you sign and share this petition and keep these misguided young people from destroying our Happy Place. Please! Thank you, and fandom love to you all ❤️

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