To stop the removal of grave memorabilia and fencing in kids section at Snell hatch.

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Alfie was one of the most caring loving little boys that most had ever met we got told that more often than not. Alfies new little Arsenal/Crawley town Garden was one of the only birthday presents we could give Alfie, now the council want to take it away!     Alfies little garden means so much to us as a family it's a place we can go and spend time with Alfie. Ourselves he's brothers and sisters worked so hard to make it a place us and Alfie would be so proud of. Every birthday Alfie got the new arsenal kit and he still can with he's little garden just now he's teady bear wears it that's placed on he's garden.                                                          Every birthday, anniversary, Christmas both friends and family all come together and remember Alfie at Alfie's garden and all place their little gifts with him. Alfie was a little boy with such personality and love for life and he's garden shows that.                                  I'm asking if as many people as possible can please sign our petition to stop Crawley Borough Council taking away from us grieving parents, family and friends having a special place to go to remember our loved babies / children xx