Stop Pet Sales on Craigslist

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The Craigslist Pets Community was designed as and used to be a place where you could look for an older pet or even the occasional accidental litter if you wanted a new furry friend.  Or, to place an ad when you were no longer able to care for your dog, cat, guinea pig, hamster, snake, etc.  These ads had reasonable adoption fees, usually around $150 or less.

For at least the last two years this Community has become primarily filled with backyard breeders, even some bonafide breeders plus the perennial flippers SELLING their wiggly wares for ridiculous sums.  Over and over the same people list.  Even though there is a vast number of us flagging these ads, they just repost again and again.  Of course, there are plenty of uneducated new pet owners who fall in love with the little face and stupidly pay $800 for a Bandogbully or some other made up "breed". 

We have enough kittens in shelters to satisfy most if not all of the needs of new adopters.  We don't need any more "designer" experiment puppies with parvo dying because the breeder could care less what happens after the sucker pays $800 for the cute little puppy. Craigslist Pets Community is out of control, filled with nothing but ads from greedy lazy people willing to stand on the backs of these baby animals just to avoid a real job.  As long as there are buyers, there will be sellers. And as long as there is a venue for these unscrupulous people, they will continue.  Craigslist, you are providing the venue and then lazily say this is a self moderated forum.  We say you provide the platform, you need to help.

We need this to stop.  Please Craigslist.  Remove the ability to SELL animals on Craigslist by limiting the ability of posters to not list a fee - and limit that fee.  Even though you have "rules" about selling animals, YOU do not enforce it and the armies of flaggers cannot overcome these greedy breeders. And believe me, we try.


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