Give the maximum 5 years custodial sentence for animal cruelty to Kyle Keegan!!!

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In Northern Ireland we have a maximum custodial sentence of 5 years for animal cruelty, but our courts have never handed down this sentence to any animal abuser. WHY!!! 

Northern Ireland has seen an increase in animal abuse, and just recently a defenceless pet dog in Newry had acid poured over it. 

Unfortunately, we are going to continue hearing many more cases of animal cruelty until our courts start handing down harsher custodial sentences

Thug Kyle Keegan believes he’s above the law, he thinks he can bludgeon a defenceless puppy to death with a hammer and then upload the barbaric attack onto the web for his own sick enjoyment and entertainment, and walk away with a slap on the wrist. 

The reasons for signing this petition is because-

We demand that all Northern Ireland Courts must start handing out tougher punishments for animal cruelty... 

We demand that Craigavon Crown Court gives animal abuser Kyle Keegan the maximum custodial sentence of 5 years. 

We believe that Sparky deserves justice