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Fantastic War on Waste, how about a War on Climate Change ABC?

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I am really worried by the world we will be leaving our children and grandchildren. 

Dear Craig

You are a knight in shining armour.

What you and your team have done with the War on Waste is nothing short of heroic.

Your sensitive but unrestrained treatment of this very divisive subject is having a marked effect on the people I know. People who care but who simply did not understand.

I am currently fighting with others in a similar war, but we lack the sharp witted weapons and army you have at your disposal. We appear to be losing the battle, and a large part of the problem is public opinion. I wonder if I could persuade you to consider joining the forces battling the War on Climate Change? 

Actually, it's just widening the War on Waste, when you look at it. Excess CO2 and all those other greenhouse gases are waste products from the engines of our society just like the one use plastics, textiles, appliances, and the other crap we rubbish our world with. The problem with the carbon we burn is we cant adequately contain or recycle the waste. Here we are using the atmosphere as a massive open sewer, and the biggest stumbling block is, we cant see it!

Nobody is listening to the scientists. The definitive texts on the subject come from the IPCC, representing the consensus view from the best climate scientists of every nation on Earth, but no one other than the scientists can understand them. Have you tried reading their reports? I started with the executive summary for the decision makers and even those are just ...... well they dont tell you anything!. These are just not the right media format for the public. Nor even the politicians. So instead people read, and believe, whatever seems a good story on Facebook or in the popular press. 

We need the facts laid bare, in your clear unequivocal style Craig. We need the pollies stirred to face reality.

And hey, I think you can have some fun too if you concentrate on the solutions rather than just the problems. I imagine lots of interesting avenues to explore:

•    Move away from ICE's and towards electric vehicles (you might get to test drive a Tesla model S)

•    Powering our world with wind and sun

•    storing power in home batteries, buying and selling to the grid to make a profit (eg. Reposit)

•    Meet up with the people who are helping us move to sustainable living (eg. Alternative Technology Association, Greenie Flat, )

•    Meet some of the people who are trying to get things moving, from Greenpeace to Citizens Climate Lobby, to Illawarra Knitting Nanna’s Against Gas(/Greed)

•    Look at the technologies that are ready and waiting to be used (eg. Jet fuels from algae and seaweed)

•    Look at alternatives to fossil fuels for industry 

•    Look at how our diet is affecting things (eg less red meats leads to less emissions)

•    Can we limit population growth

•    Is a price on carbon (perhaps CCL Carbon fee and dividend) not the best solution for our economy based society  

I think this book would be a great source of inspiration for more ideas - Paul Hawken. Drawdown -

I really hope you will be able to  

Cheers       Tom

I cant believe that we have been kept in the dark for so long on the subject of climate change. The reality is that we add over 10,000,000,000 tonnes of invisible carbon waste to the sky each year that mother nature cannot cope with. We have turned up Earth's thermostat to a setting that history tells us means several degrees of warming, sea levels up to 70 metres higher, and vast changes to our world. It's now just a matter of time. Meanwhile we still have our foot hard on the accelerator!

I think we need to draw attention to this waste we create every day, explore the options we have and encourage a much quicker transition to renewables.

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