Stop SeaQuest in Lynchburg, VA.

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The Lynchburg community does not support an organization that exploits animals for profit. This organization cares only about money and not about animals or education as they claim. SeaQuest has a documented history of failing animal welfare inspections, mistreating animals, and breaking the law.

In Colorado, SeaQuest failed two animal welfare inspections and remained open even after being ordered to close their doors. The inspector found unsafe enclosures for birds, and animals on the floors in danger of being stepped on by visitors. 

SeaQuest has been accused of mistreating animals in their care. SeaQuest was ordered to reduce the number of birds in an aviary. These birds were given to a teenage employee to store in his garage. The Department of Agriculture has opened two investigations into SeaQuest's treatment of birds. Animals in their care at The Portland Aquarium died of starvation, high temperatures, and infection. That location was shut down in 2016.

Ammon Covino, one of the founding members, was sentenced to a year in prison for conspiring to purchase illegally harvested rays and sharks. During his two year probation and in the years following he has continued to participate in the illegal trafficking of wildlife. This timeline of breaking the law continues into 2016 and 2017.

SeaQuest is not the type of attraction that Lynchburg needs or wants. Animals should not be held in captivity for our entertainment or education. Seaquest does not care about animals or education. Tell the owners of the River Ridge Mall that we do not want SeaQuest here.