Scrap Graduation Fees at UWS #ScrapUWSGradFees

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The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) prides itself on being an inclusive institution and is a leader in widening access to higher education to all parts of the community. In fact, 27% of UWS undergraduates are from the most deprived areas of Scotland and UWS is known to be a university that has a high intake of students from further education and young people leaving care.

However, despite all of this, UWS remains to keep unfair graduation fees in force. Other institutions that are a stones throw away (such as University of Glasgow & University of Strathclyde) have have scrapped their graduation fees as they recognise them to be unnecessary, can force graduating students further into poverty and can often mean financially vulnerable students are unable to graduate & celebrate with their peers of several years. It is unacceptable that UWS keeps these fees in force as an institution that is known to regularly educate students who otherwise might not be able to afford to do so.

Therefore, this petition asks that UWS:

* Immediately scrap the £40 graduation fee to graduate (whether in person or in absentia)

* Subsidise gown hire for the graduation event for ALL students (saving students over £42 in fees for a few hours gown hire). The university requires gowns to be worn, it is only fair these are subsidised by the university.

* Scrap the £10 additional ballot ticket fee