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Suffolk County sprays the toxic pesticide methoprene on 20,000 acres of tidal marsh to kill mosquitoes, but it also kills other insects and crustaceans (arthropods).  It's time to stop spraying poison in wetlands.

  • Our coastal waters are stressed from pollution.
  • Science confirms:  methoprene is lethal in the aquatic environment.
  • Safe alternative exists:  Bti (Bacillus thurigiensis israelensis) is a naturally occurring bacterium that poses minimal risks to arthropods and is widely used for mosquito control.
  • Connecticut banned methoprene use in all coastal areas. Bti the preferred alternative.
  • New York City restricts methoprene use near Jamaica Bay. Bti the preferred alternative.
  • Rhode Island restricts methoprene use near Narragansett Bay and Long Island Sound. Bti the preferred alternative.
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service stopped methoprene use in a wildlife refuge in Southern Oregon. Bti the preferred alternative.

      Sign the petition and you will tell:

  1. Suffolk County officials to remove methoprene from the 2019 Vector Control Workplan. 
  2. New York State officials to pass 2018 Senate Bill 4819 and Assembly Bill 6336 restricting methoprene use in the coastal zone.

Mr. Bellone, To truly "reclaim our water" and protect shellfish it's time that Suffolk County stop poisoning wetlands. NO MORE METHOPRENE!