Justice for the murder of Amelia Brooke

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This is Amelia, a fun - loving and bubbly little girl who had her whole life ahead of her. In June 2018 Amelia had her life stolen away from her by the woman who was supposed to love and protect her, Carly Harris mother to Amelia was arrested after the Discovery of what she had done. She had drowned and burned her body in the back garden of her home, Amelia was discovered by close family after Carly had cleaned their home. In December mother was found NOT guilty of the chargers of murder by claiming “insanity”.

Mother was addicted to a drug called amphetamine aswell as taking it on the day of the murder, she denied taking any drugs in her police interview but later admitted to this. Mother took other forms of illegal drugs and was a drug abuser for 23 years and was known to social services.

Mother had argued with Amelia’s father the night before the murder had taken place. Mother had collected Amelia from her aunties home where she would stay 4-5 times a week, the night before. That night she had drank two cans of alcohol and was happy and singing ect and her behaviour was not out of the ordinary.

The courts describe the verdict as a “special verdict”. It had taken a jury an hour to return the verdict and what should have been a week trail, only went on for two days. All those who knew Carly, including family members and close friends were not allowed to be witnesses at the unfair trial that took place. 

“Dr Joseph also said he believed that mothers abuse of amphetamines may have “triggered” a psychotic episode, which Dr Tomison said was “possible”.

Amelia’s family is now calling on all members of the public to place Amelia’s case to a retrial as it’s in high internet of the public, they want justice for Amelia.

Currently mother is in a mental hospital, to where she has boasted about having take aways, a flat screen tv and en suite. 

If someone had drank alcohol then drove and killed someone they would be found guilty for murder. It should be the same for people who take any form of drug.