Longer jail sentence for man who stabbed pensioner

Longer jail sentence for man who stabbed pensioner

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Ryan Hatwell was jailed last week along with his mother Joanne and given 8 years for stabbing a 75 year old pensioner in the leg 4 times and robbing him for £600. What happened to 10 years for knife crime? Ryan’s criminal record consists of two counts of assault again his then pregnant girlfriend and other forms of violence against vulnerable women. How he has got away with it all this long and come out of this with only 8 years, I do not know. With the help of everyone here, I hope I can raise enough awareness about this dangerous man and get his case overlooked again and hopefully a longer sentence. He is a menace to society and the crime him and his mother committed has ruined the life of a vulnerable pensioner.

This poor man’s life is now ruined, he has had to move from his home and into an elderly care home because he just cannot face feeling so unsafe anymore. How can we let this man get away with this? And go on to ruin other people’s lives when he is released in 8 years, or even 4?!

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