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Help get Justice for HughieDoherty who was brutally murderd

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On the 16th of April Esther Dherty was violently Attack and severally stabed. Her brother Hughie Doherty ( aged 45 father of seven, youngest child was 5 and Hughie was soon to be a grandad for the first time) Hughie seen this Tragic Even that happen to his sister, he thought they had killed his sister. Hughie run towards his sister to help her as a 27 year old man pulled out a gun and shot Hughie in the chest straight Through his hart and lungs. This man was over 5meters away from Hughie when he shot he dead. This person claims self defence and also claims that Hughie and him was in a struggle, but  Forensics Corroner (best in the uk ) proved that Hughie had no struggle in this body, Hughie did not as much as Throw a punch at this man or at any body, Hughies only crime was that he seen his sister who he thought was dead. On the 20th of November this  man that shot Hughie dead was found not gilty, but there was 4 eye Withnes that seen this man do this. Hughie was shot for no reason all he wonted to do was get to his sister to try and help her. Hughie and his family was robbed of justice. Hughie has seven children that he loved so much and a wife, Hughie was a family man and he loved his family so much and he couldn’t wait to be a grandad but sandaly this was stolen from him and his family.  Murder is a serious crime. All we what is justice for Hughie and his family. Help his family sleep at night ,Knowing that a murderd  is put in jail. Please please sign and share this link thank you all so much x 

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