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URGENT!!! Signatures needed to STOP First Elected African-American Democratic Female Justice of the Peace in Bell County Texas From Losing Her Elected Position.  

Dr. Claudia Brown was sworn in as Justice of the Peace of Bell County Precinct 1 on January 2, 2017. A petition was filed on February 15, 2017, by  Brett Pritchard to have her removed from the bench claiming her to be incompetent after she set a 4 billion dollar bail.

Justice of the Peace Dr. Claudia Brown shared she was consistently being coerced to set the customarily high bail amounts and her resistance included setting an unprecedented 4 billion dollar bail amount that garnered national attention. Could it be that Brett Pritchard seeks to capitalize on this unfortunate circumstance and become a local Republican hero by doing so?  

Plaintiff Bret Pritchard’s unprecedented ferocious attempt to unseat Justice of the Peace Brown should be questioned. Are his actions a response to his failed attempts to be elected as a Bell County judge or a ploy to make a name for himself? Please consider, why is Pritchard posting Dr. Brown’s case updates on his business page? https://www.brettpritchardlaw.com/blog/2019/january/firm-news-jp-brown-suspension-delayed/

Dr. Brown’s integrity is not in question but the consciousness of our nation is on trial.  At over 70 years of age, she continues her legacy of service to her nation and her community. https://everipedia.org/wiki/lang_en/dr-claudia-l-brown-judge/  She is a product of the Civil Rights Era, and she stands in the same fashion as Rosa Parks and others who are standing up for justice. More specifically the reformation of the Bail System in Bell County.  

Dr. Brown has been in danger of being railroaded out of her position since she campaigned for and was fairly elected in November of 2016. She has courageously, boldly legislated despite the following challenges:  

Legislating in a hostile judiciary culture created by her becoming the first Black female Democrat to be elected as Justice of the Peace in the history of Bell County. Also, Dr. Claudia Brown is serving in the midst of a politically charged and divided nation.

Surviving carefully crafted collusion from top to bottom to include biased news reporting and hostile law enforcement personnel. This level of collusion stems from a system seeking to maintain “normal” justice and remove any possible disruption to the current power structure and financial gains it produces.

Being the first Black female to dawn the role of Justice of the Peace in a city like many other cities with unspoken racial tension. On  September 18, 2017, the same year Judge Claudia Brown appeared in court as a defendant. In her Killeen, TX neighborhood, letters from a local hate group were placed in plastic bags with rocks in family’s yards. The letters called for racists to stop being cowardly and come out of the closet to stop White genocide. http://kdhnews.com/news/local/kkk-fliers-circulated-through-killeen-neighborhoods/article_e7b977f2-9c7d-11e7-886e-ab0c0b49b734.html

PLEASE SIGN this petition NOW to stop a few people from removing the will of 23,000 voters.  

We are seeking national organizations that can help us STOP THIS INJUSTICE. We are also reaching out to news media to help spread the word.

PLEASE SIGN and SHARE with everyone you know to PROTECT Dr. Brown’s Right to legislate by the law and not the system and remain in her elected position for her full term.  

Thank you so much for your assistance in this URGENT matter.