Maintain Room 183 Sports Lounges Good Standing in Country Club Hills

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Room 183 is a well-managed and popular independent local lounge in Country Club Hills, IL. Ownership and Management has always abided by the terms of their license and cooperated with the local police during their tenure in the Country Club Hills Plaza, yet they face the very real prospect of having that license revoked permanently.

At this point, the City of Country Club Hills is attempting to portray the establishment as a nuisance and a danger to the public, when the very opposite is true. Room 183 does not want to be treated any differently from other bars in the area. Also our customers feel that the lack of this establishment will remove one of the few places that adults (our average patron age is 35) have in the city to enjoy a drink and good company.

In the past, Room 183 was asked by the city to stop doing events for patrons who were under the age of 25 and complied. Those parties ended in 2017, but the city is retroactively attempting to shut down the establishment for an issue that does not exist and has not for a long time. This is not fair.

While we do not know the true reasons for this, we would like for the members of our community to voice their opinions about next steps and what Room 183 actually brings to them.

Room 183 requests the citizens of our communities to sign this petition and attend the Country Club Hills City Council Meeting on Monday, August 13, 2018, at 7pm to allow our voices to be heard. Room 183 is simply requesting the City of Country Club Hills to fairly asses the interactions between the popular Sports Lounge and the community as a whole.

We the undersigned ask that the mayor and city council adopt a more even-handed approach to handling interactions with the lounge and community in the area.

Thank you for your support!