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Promotional Video: Counterfeiting is a Crime

Counterfeiting is a crime that can be committed by anyone especially in the corporate world for it is the imitation of a certain good of a certain business. The imitation can include similar packaging, labeling or banding which are called counterfeit trademarks. Some people often commit this kind of crime for cheaper selling price which sells low quality products compared to original goods which are of good quality and reasonable prices. Almost anything that can be sold can be counterfeited like toys, , accessories, clothes, shoes, movies & cds and mobile phones.

In 2015, the Philippines reached P13B worth of counterfeited goods compared to 2014 which had P12B worth of illegal products. The selling of these kind of goods in the Philippines is where people receive their revenue. However, the aim of counterfeit goods is to disrupt the effort and time of the maker of the original product for the businesses spent a lot of time to produce a single good.

This issue of counterfeiting goods is an issue that needs to be resolved because it is dangerous to the consumers for one does not know the ingredients or components included in the product when bought. Also, it is illegal in the Philippines, thus it can put sellers and consumers in danger. Lastly, it violates the intellectual rights of the companies who originally produced the counterfeited products.

As a citizen of the Philippines, the main solution for this issue is the respect for the companies who produce various goods. Also, the people should be aware of the 3Ps of a sold product, the price, place and packaging. The price should be checked in accordance to the quality, the place where the product is sold should be checked as well and lastly, the packaging. The packaging can be observed and compared to others if it is of good quality specifically observe the printing.

For us students, it is not healthy to be surrounded by issues like this especially if our future career is in line in the business aspect. Now, do you want to retain this kind of practice in the Philippines? If no, lend a hand for the betterment of the business industries in the Philippines. 


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