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As the 40th Street Trolley Portal will soon become a gathering point of our community, we would like to bring to your attention to the long standing dangerous section of Woodland Ave at the gates to The Woodland Cemetery.

Without any lights or stop signs, there isn’t anything to slow cars from 39th to 42nd Street. For that reason, cars tend to speed down this stretch. Additionally, there are typically cars parked in the bike lane, on the apron of the portal, or in The Woodlands' driveway waiting for passengers. Many of these cars do illegal U turns as they depart.

There is no safe or even legal way for people to cross the street on this stretch. This is of particular concern as The Woodlands has become such a neighborhood asset.

We estimate that 45,000 people entered our gates last year, including 4,000 on a single day for the Go West Craft Fest, many of them families with small children. We have a huge walking, runner, and dog walker community, and many of the neighborhood kids learn to ride their bicycles on our grounds.

We request safety improvements to:

  • Ensure a safe way to cross Woodland Ave from the Trolley Portal
  • Slow cars
  • Prevent illegal U-turns
  • Install loading zones for those dropping off/picking up passengers

Please sign this petition to support making Woodland Avenue safer for all.