No dinosaur park or any structure above or below Burnham Park

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We, the Board of Trustees of Baguio Heritage Foundation, Inc. and the undersigned concerned citizens and visitors of Baguio City strongly advocate for the preservation of Burnham Park as an open space and that no structure of any kind be constructed above or below any part of Burnham Park and its 12 clusters namely: Melvin Jones Grandstand, Burnham Lagoon, Children’s Playground, Skating Rink, Rose Garden, Orchidarium, Igorot Garden, Athletic Bowl, Picnic Grove, Japanese Peace Tower, Pine Trees of the World, and Sunshine Park.

Burnham Park and its 12 clusters have been declared by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines as significant historical site and are therefore subject to the rules of Republic Act 10066 or the Heritage Act as follows:


Section 48. Prohibited Acts. - To the extent that the offense is not punishable by a higher punishment under another provision of law, violations of this Act may be made by whoever intentionally:

(a)Destroys, demolishes, mutilates or damages any world heritage site, national cultural treasures, important cultural property and archaeological and anthropological sites;

(b)Modifies, alters, or destroys the original features of or undertakes construction or real estate development in any national shrine, monument, landmark and other historic edifices and structures, declared, classified, and marked by the National Historical Institute as such, without the prior written permission from the Commission. This includes the designated security or buffer zone, extending five (5) meters from the visible perimeter of the monument or site;

We vehemently oppose the proposed dinosaur park by Thermozone Corp. and aghast that such a proposal should even be considered by city officials and staff - the incongruity of artificial dinosaurs roaming a part of the park seem to escape their aesthetic sense. Changing the Kafagway character of Burnham Park to a Jurassic theme park is incongruous to the centennial character of Baguio City.

We implore our city officials and staff to protect the only open space left in the Central Business District, not only by not building anything above or below the park but also by preserving the natural beauty of Burnham Park.

We elevate this as an election issue for serious discussion/debate amongst candidates in the coming May/June 2019 elections.