Protect our Youth! Investigate Jake Paul-CEO, Nick CromptonCOO, the next Harvey Weinstein

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Dear Mayor Garcetti, Los Angeles City Council, Members of the Media and Youtube and Instagram, 

We demand an investigation into the media conglomerate TeamDom and it's CEO Jake Paul and the Chief Operations Officer of it's subsidiary Team 10 Nick Crompton.  Information has leaked to the public with serious allegations around gender bias, racism and bullying and use of the company to solicit sex.  It has been alleged that these Senior Executives have used their positions in the company, their celebrity and the company itself to recruit young people for sex.  There is video evidence of the use of racial epithets and allegations around bullying and racism which have reportedly created a toxic and discriminatory work environment.  Team10's current platform excludes minorities and has demonstrated gender bias.

According to their website, TeamDom is "a modern day media conglomerate focused on building powerful brands, stories, celebrities and businesses around teen Entertainment and Media.  (They) create content, incubate talent, and provide teens with their favorite forms of entertainment.".  The company was created in 2016 by Chief Executive Officer Jake Paul and his investors, and is based in Hollywood California.  Since it's creation a mountain of evidence and allegations have leaked to the public about unethical practices within the company.  

The company's CEO, Jake Paul, has admitted to having sex with two females who were recruited by him into the company and who were made to sign a 5 year contract giving the company 20% of their earnings.  Paul has repeatedly stated that while he had sexual relations with the women, they were not his girlfriend(s). Other allegations have been made against the CEO Jake Paul, which he has not admitted to in public but which should be investigated, such as that he also had sexual relations with another female recruit Teala Dunn, and possibly other women in the organization who were also under contract. 

Alissa Violet, whom Paul admitted having a sexual relationship, was later "fired" for reasons that were not based on work performance and that appear retaliatory. While these women have eventually maintained a public facing connection to Paul, as we have seen in the case of Harvey Weinstein, women are often fearful to go against and sever relationships with celebrities and Executives who are in positions of power in the entertainment industry. 

Similarly TeamDom and it's subsidiary Team 10, although a conglomerate whose stated purpose is gender neutral, has only one woman featured on their website, the other women who left the company have not been replaced, and the female, Erica Costello is reportedly having sex with CEO Jake Paul.  Costello, was formerly a full time employee with the company who later stated that she left that position to sign a 5 year agreement and move into the CEO Jake Paul's bedroom.  Other women have left the organization and the issue of Gender Bias within this company should be investigated immediately.  

Nick Crompton, the Chief Operating Officer of Team 10, was accused by Mick Maio of using his position in the company and the company itself to solicit sex.  Maio posted a video on Youtube dated June 8, 2017 where he displayed a series of explicit and shocking text messages from Crompton where he used the Team 10 brand to solicit sex.  Maio also reported that the messages he displayed were just the tip of the iceberg and that he had many others he elected not to incorporate in the video.  The allegations made by Maio are incredibly serious and it is disturbing that to date no investigation has been conducted, and/or that there has not been transparency to the public about this Executive and his conduct related to his position with the company. 

The Martinez Brothers, Ivan and Emilio, were recruited from Spain into the company by CEO Jake Paul, but later left and alleged that Paul frequently called them racist names like "Beaners," and also referred to them in videos as "Martiners" which was a racially derogatory reference.  They alleged that Paul singled them out because they did not speak English and abused them frequently for video content.  They also claimed that they requested an English teacher and offered to pay for the teacher because they were embarrassed, but that Paul refused to allow this.  They referred to Paul as a frequent bully and that he treated his recruits who were under contract with the company like slaves.  They reported that Paul bullied them into performing a lewd sexual act on film, of which they were ashamed. They also alleged that Paul lied to them and told them that they could not open a bank account due to issues with their Visas, they claimed that he pocked money they had earned that was rightfully theirs and that they would have used to support their mother who was living in impoverished conditions in Spain.

The nature of Youtube, issues with "clickbait", and the phony reality TV nature of Paul's channel have been a deterrent for stronger demands for an investigation.  We are making those demands now.  Despite the nature of Paul's content, in reviewing the significant information, twitter feed, statement videos and other statements made from recruits and others associated with this company, it is clear that A CREDIBLE INVESTIGATION IS WARRANTED AND OVERDUE.

The public demands transparency and that TeamDom, it's CEO Jake Paul, and the Chief Operating Officer of Team 10 Nick Crompton be deeply investigated for all of the reasons stated above.  It is our belief that there is truth in the allegations that have leaked to the public and that there may be far more behind the scenes which the public is unaware.  Jake Paul and Nick Crompton are Senior Executives whose company boasts investors of more that $1Million,  TeamDom and CEO Jake Paul have been featured by the New York Times and Forbes Magazine as a business model of the future.  It is difficult to understand the lack of scrutiny and public facing investigation into these serious allegations, while other companies CEO's and Senior Executives have been forced to step down.  TeamDom is expanding it's reach globally to China and is recruiting underage youth and young people into it's folds.  Failure to act is a failure on the part of the system and the Entertainment industry to protect our children and youth.  

Our young people deserve to be able to pursue their careers and dreams in an industry that is SAFE, professional, and where they are protected from the kind of unethical and illegal activity that we have seen arise from people like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey to name a few.  We would also like to cite a recent class action suite filed against Goldman Sachs, Proskauer and the Justice Department for gender discrimination.    

Again, we demand an investigation!!  And transparency with the public.  We are asking you to do this now!   


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